MSc Financial Expert

Offered at ESAM's Lyon campus, the Master of Science "Financial Expert" enables you to gain professional experience in corporate finance and to take on positions of responsibility.


Master of Science Financial Expert at a glance



4th year : 3 years of higher education validated  
5th year : 4-5 years of higher education validated


Entrance exam

ESAM competitive entrance exam


Duration of studies

2 years or 1 year if direct admission in 5th year





Professional experience

Up to 12 months as an intern in France or abroad



Internships abroad possible 
Silicon Valley seminar

demi cercle

Starting dates


Training objectives

The financial expert's mission is to guarantee the financial and administrative performance of the company. He must monitor the proper execution of the strategy and procedures defined with general management and coordinate the services for which he is responsible. Its role is also to analyze and anticipate the strategic development of the company. 

Do you have a spirit of analysis and synthesis?
Are you passionate about strategy and numbers? 
Have you understood that to succeed in corporate finance you need to have solid technical and managerial skills? 

Then the MSc Financial Expert is made for you! 

The skills covered by this title are: 

RNCP 36596 BC01 - Modeling the company's strategy and supporting its transformation

RNCP 36596 BC02 - Manage activity performance 

RNCP 36596 BC03 - Manage the financing policy in the short, medium and long term 

RNCP 36596 BC04 - Risk prevention and security through internal control and financial control

RNCP 36596 BC05 - Managing teams and establishing leadership

ESAM, école de management, finance, droit

A recognized degree title

Certified title ESAM Expert Financier, registered with RNCP n° 36596 at level 7 (EU) (former level I) - NSF codes 313p, 314p, by registration decision of France Compétences dated 01/07/2022, eligible CPF.
Title also accessible by the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

En savoir plus sur la VAE

MSc Expert Financier

The ESAM Master of Science Financial Expert Programme

This programme is offered on the Lyon campus.
Part-time work-study program possible for 1 or 2 years -   100 % English program possible  on the Lyon campus (full-time student)

4th year

Model the company's strategy and support

  • Economic intelligence and monitoring
  • IS modeling
  • Project management
  • Business strategy and digital transformation
  • Business plan

Manage activity performance

  • Management control & cost analysis
  • Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Manage the financing policy in the short, medium and long term

  • Financial mathematics
  • Financial markets
  • Business valuation and financial diagnosis

Risk prevention and security through internal control and financial control

  • Accounting and financial management (in-depth accounting and IFRS standards)
  • Audit and advice
  • Corporate law and tax law
  • Internal control and risk management

Manage teams and establish leadership

  • Financial English
  • Management of an intercultural team
  • The challenges of artificial intelligence
  • Introduction to sustainable finance

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5th year

Model the company's strategy and support its transformation

  • Business pitch
  • Digital transition in the finance function
  • Power pivot and data analysis

Manage activity performance

  • Social management control (Spé CDG)
  • Sectoral management control (Spé CDG)
  • International accounting (Spé CDG)
  • In-depth management control

Manage the financing policy in the short, medium and long term

  • Financial models and portfolio management (Spé Audit)
  • Advanced financial markets (Spé Audit)
  • Mergers and acquisitions and financial communication
  • Credit and cash management
  • Financial strategy and investment

    Risk prevention and security through internal control and financial control

  • Accounting and banking audit (Spé CDG)
  • Risk capital and innovation financing (Spé CDG)
  • Group audit (Spé Audit)
  • Banking and financial compliance (Spé Audit)
  • Advice for companies in difficulty (Spé Audit)
  • Financial consolidation and IFRS standards
  • Legal and financial audit
  • Risk management and financial instruments
  • Sustainable governance and compliance

Manage teams and establish leadership

  • Leadership
  • Financial English and Toeic

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The professions prepared by the Master of Science Financial Expert

This Master of Science in Financial Management prepares you to work in finance departments as well as Audit and Consultancy firms :

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 The plus points of the MSc in Finance programme

  • A course designed and run finance department specialists
  • A programme combining technical financial expertise, corporate strategy, new technologies and personal development
  • A certified qualification registered with the RNCP at level-7 Financial Expert 
  • Possibility of continuing studies towards the Risk, Control and Compliance MBA
  • An international outlook, with a programme taught 100 % in English and up to 12 months of internships possible around the world, as well as participation in Harvard's Global Finance Case and the Learning
  • Expedition in Silicon Valley.
  • Class sponsorship

Access to the course

Prerequisites : validated Bac+3 (3 years in higher education) -180 ECTS credits 

Access for students with disabilities: ESAM relies on Hand'IGS, the IGS Group's disability programme, to help accommodate students (accommodations studied on a case-by-case basis).

Learn more about Hand'IGS

Furthermore, as part of the Erasmus + charter, ESAM also pays particular attention to the international mobility of students with disabilities.

Contact Hand'IGS Paris : Aude MEYNEN

Disability Officer Lyon : Sarah PROD'HOMME (

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Methods used and Evaluation methods

We have designed a training programme to develop both hard and soft skills in corporate finance.
Course structure :

  • Modular course organised in semesters and in the form of Teaching Units
  • The content of the course can be adapted to suit the apprentices' professional situation.

Learning methods

  • Classroom-based and distance learning
  • Company case studies and simulations
  • Group work, research activities and company assignments
  • Group projects
  • Personal development workshops
  • Digital workshops
  • Progress interviews and group regulation sessions
  • Provision of online teaching platforms and resources
  • Teaching evaluation questionnaire and learner satisfaction questionnaire at the end of the course

Assessment methods

The assessment of the various modules of the MSc Financial Expert consists several diversified assessments, spread regularly over all the weeks of the semester and for all the courses, the aim of which is to reinforce the formative dimension of the assessments and to give assessment feedback an important role in the students' progress.
The different assessments :

  • Continuous assessment for each module (written, multiple choice or group or individual research work, individual or group oral presentations)
  • Certifying tests, which also enable the skills blocks to be assessed (group or individual case study, individual practical case, real company case study with a written report, oral presentations, role-playing).
  • The host company also assesses the learner's skills (apprenticeship master booklet).
    Adaptation of the training pathway : Partial validation of the qualification in skill blocks is possible. It is not possible to transfer between our different qualifications.


Targeted skills

Certification objectives

The role of the financial expert is to guarantee the financial and administrative performance of the company. They must ensure that the strategy and procedures defined with senior management are properly implemented and coordinate the departments for which they are responsible. Their role is also to analyse and anticipate the company's strategic development. 

Target skills

  • RNCP 36596 BC01 - Modelling the company's strategy and supporting its transformation
  • RNCP 36596 BC02 - Managing business performance
  • RNCP 36596 BC03 - Managing financing policy in the short, medium and long term
  • RNCP 36596 BC04 - Preventing and securing risks via internal control and financial control
  • RNCP 36596 BC05 - Managing Teams and Asserting Leadership

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Key indicators

Graduates from 2018/2019/2020

  • Integration rate at the end of the course: 80,5 % (65 % on permanent contracts and 17,5 % on fixed-term contracts, 66 % executive status)
  • Average annual salary within 6 months of certification: € 35,000
  • Rate of further study: 10 %.

Class of 2020/2021

  • Integration rate at end of course: 82,8 %
  • Certification rate: 98,3 % (Apprentice-only certification rate: 97,6 %)
  • Drop-out rate: 5 %.

Class of 2021/2022

  • Certification rate: 98,3 % (% apprentices 97,6 %)

Class of 2022/2023

  • Certification rate: 81,3 % (% apprentices 82 %)
  • Apprentice contract breach rate: 98,21 % continue to the end of the course
  • Drop-out rate :
    - 1st year MSc: 7,7 %
    - 2nd year MSc: 0 %
  • Satisfaction rate: data provided in September 2023 by the Quality Department


Lyon Campus

Programme Manager : Yasmina DUPLAND
Admissions : PINASA Anne-Claire
Work Placement : Clothilde CONSTANT
Disability and Mobility Advisor : Sarah PROD'HOMME
International Admissions - International students (outside the EU)
International Relations Department :

Profile and Prerequisites

3 years' higher education : (Bachelor's degree)
Parallel entry in 5th year possible after 4 years' higher education validated, or 240 ECTS


top 1 ESAM

ESAM is ranked No. 1 by the magazine l'Étudiant for its MSc work-study programme and for its opportunities in the finance sector (since 2015).

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